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We earnestly hope for comfort where the burdens of everyday life can be set aside


We earnestly hope for comfort where the burdens of everyday life can be set aside


Beyond the low wall, everything appears as a fair landscape

The deep balcony is filled with clear light. The pillar and the wall of the brass when we surely meet opening the door; they seem to deliver the light in the room like pumping crystal clear water of a well. The round bowl is carved out of stone and the relief of stone wall beaten obliquely with a hand hammer reveals themselves. The stone looks natural and comfortable lightening its’ weight by the efforts of the artisan.


As being expected, it may be covered with the phantasm.

The borders between the wall and the floor become vague by the intense light poured like a cannon and ‘The boundary line’ drawn by the stone and the wallpaper makes a new indefinite edge. Another light is shining beyond the wall by penetrating it. When the wall is open, the darkness greets the light again in an unexpected manner. The body on the flat surface just stare vacantly this condition but, finally, on the help of the curiosity, you can go into the space.

spa&pool penthouse

A swimming pool that breaks the pouring sunlight into pieces and raises it like steam

Looking at cool water in the sauna which is made of stacked logs like a house; moving the body to the bathtub next to the window in the swimming pool which is full of light and cool water; and also experiencing all of the things and hearing the sounds of the laughter from the window; lying down and relaxing the body in the bedroom. All of these may be the experience to being aware of the landscape by using ‘all the palpable senses’.